7 Ways Men Destroy their Marriage

This one's for my fellas. Guys, your wives have been trying to tell you that you're destroying your marriage in one of these seven ways. Truthfully, it's most likely that your marriage might be falling apart in many more ways than just these seven, but we're talking about the big ones here. If you're humble and open enough to receive this wisdom, it will change how you show up in your marriage. 

Just to tease you, I'll give you the first three ways men are destroying their marriage:

1. You're not listening to your wife. 

2. You're downplaying your wife's emotions. 

3. You're working too much. 

You'll have to listen to the full episode to hear the remaining four ways, and I hope you do, because I want to help couples just like you to get unstuck and start loving and living life again. 

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