Stop Avoiding Conflict: Do this Instead(Communication 101 Series)

Do you avoid conflict at all cost? Maybe you think conflict is a bad thing in relationships or that "good relationships" don't have conflict. Actually, the absence of conflict in a relationship doesn't mean it's healthy; it just means it's likely shallow. If you spend enough time with a person, conflict will inevitably happen. 

On today's episode, I'm giving you five tips to stop avoiding conflict and what to do instead. It all starts with reframing the purpose of conflict. Have you ever wondered how can conflict actually serve your relationship? What can learn from it? How can it help you to grow?

You'll need to also be willing to shed some faulty definitions about conflict and peacemakers. If your goal is to just keep the peace, you will ignore problems, ignore your feelings, and ignore opportunities to actually connect deeper in your relationships. 

Affirmations to Stop Avoiding Conflict

We end the episode with three powerful affirmations you can say every day. 

1. I am worthy of being heard and respected. 

2. It's okay to feel how I feel. My feelings matter. 

3. Approaching this conflict is making me better. 


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