My Partner Says I Nag: The Difference Between Nagging & Reminding 

No one likes being called a nag. Truthfully, we're just trying to help our spouse/partner anyway, right? Just how do you tell the difference between nagging and reminding? I'm giving you six simple tips to stop nagging your spouse on today's episode. 

But first, did you know the Bible actually has something to say on this topic? Proverbs 27:15 says, "An endless dripping on a rainy day and a nagging wife are alike (CSB). The Brenton Septuagint Translation puts it like this: On a stormy day drops of rain drive a man out of his house; so also does a railing woman drive a man out of his own house. Dang. 

Basically, nagging drives our spouses crazy! It's ineffective communication that can actually cause resentment. 

How to Stop Nagging 

There are better ways to ask and even remind your spouse to do something you need. And speaking of reminding, don't do it more than twice. Here are some tips: 

1. Ask, don't tell. 

2. Be patient. Timing is everything. 

3. Make it their decision. (We talked about this on episode 95: How to Get Anything You Want from Your Spouse

4. Use humor. 

5. Use a (shared) calendar.

6. Do it yourself.

Number six will change your life. Oh, the freedom of learning that you are not at the mercy of your spouse's slowness! 

If you find yourself nagging, which of these tips can you employ?

Enjoy the podcast! And leave a positive review! 


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