How to Get Your Spouse to Go to Marriage Counseling 

Why is your spouse so resistant to marriage counseling and what can you do to get him/her to go with you? I’m sharing 7ish relationship tips on today’s episode that you can do today to help your spouse or partner to be more interested in marriage counseling or coaching. Now, off the bat, there is a difference between counseling and coaching, which I share about in the show. You can also see some of the differences between coaching and counseling here. 


For many years, I tried, unsuccessfully, to get my husband to go to marriage counseling. The more I tried, the more Shaun resisted. So I upped the ante and moved to manipulation and shame. Those two always work, right? Um, wrong. The brother would not budge. I learned some very valuable lessons during that time in our marriage and to keep you from having to go through years of unnecessary trauma and drama, I’m sharing them with you today. 


7 or 8 Tips to Get Your Partner to Go to Counseling 

  1. Decide if counseling is really necessary. 
  2. Encourage, don’t demand. 
  3. Have the right motives (Beware of ulterior motives.) 
  4. Don’t shame, blame, or compare. 
  5. Work on yourself. 
  6. Be careful what you wish for. 
  7. Trust God and pray for a changed heart (yours included).
  8. Bonus: Don’t stay in counseling or coaching too long.


Don’t just read the bullet points, though. Be sure to listen to the entire episode. I think this one is going to be a game changer for your relationship! 


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Thanks for listening. See you next week! 


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